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On 12/8/18 We had a blast celebrating Christmas and a year of Pickleball fun at Eichmeyer's.


What a well-organized fun tournament. Special thanks to Kyle Snay and Gary Eichmeyer - arranging the player list for the best part of Pickleball - FUN. Thanks to all other volunteers - Stephanie Engel Eichmeyer, Lynn Ries, Charlie Hurd, Elaine Meyer, and everyone else that made this tournament so fun.


On 6/26/2018 we had a full house at Jake's Stadium Pizza for the annual meeting. Topics discussed in the meeting - 

  • Approval of minutes from last year’s Annual Meeting.

  • Treasure Report - Approval of report.

  • Review and passage of new Association By-Laws.

  • Facilities Update.

  • Logo Banners.

  • Membership renewal.

  • Window Decals.

  • Status of AED training.

  • New Website. 

Thanks for member contributions.

Swing into summer.png
Swing into Summer Pickleball Tournament 

Thank you so much Polly Browne and John Joyce Sandry for taking these memorable pictures.

Great get together at the Circle Inn after Day One of "Swing Into Summer" Pickleball Tournament, where everyone was able to wind down and enjoy some great food from Massad's and socializing with new and old Pickleball friends.  Day two started off with torrential rain during the early morning hours forcing us to make a very quick move indoors to Mankato East High School. 

y flyer.png
YMCA Battle Of The Paddle 

Thank you so much for your participation. Special thanks to one of Mankato's finest restaurant, Olive's, for providing a box lunch for all participants. We also want to thank all the volunteers that made this such a fun day - John Joyce Sandry, Earle and Betsy Peters, Dean Otto, Polly Browne, Corrine Wesely, Zane Watts, Jan Taylor West and all others. Also thanks to the sponsor - our Gamma rep Matt Weller.

New Year's Pickleball Fun Day at Y 

We had fun time playing at Y and then socializing at Olives Restaurant. Many thanks to all of you who were able to participate. Special thanks to John Massad and Tom Borneke. John graciously offered to supply food for us, and Mike (racquetball player turned pickleball supporter) provided beverages from TOW Distributing.

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