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Mankato Area Pickleball Association (MAPA) was founded in May of 2014 with 24 members. After successful interaction with the City of Mankato, 2 seldom used Tennis Courts, located at Tourtellotte Park, were converted to 6 dedicated Pickleball Courts. The Association is currently responsible for the daily organized play enjoyed at the new Pickleball Courts and working with the City of Mankato to ensure sufficient outdoor facilities are available for play. The Association provides a storage shed at the Tourtellotte courts, holding equipment (paddles and balls) for use by Members and their guests, an AED, First Aid Kit and maintenance equipment to help keep the courts in a playable condition. The Association also works with other area sport facilities to ensure indoor play is available in the Fall and Winter. A list of locations, map and time of play can be found in the “Play With Us” section. A number of annual social events, including a member only Fun Tournament and social event and an Annual Christmas party, take place each year and are enjoyed by all members. Today membership stands at nearly 160 Association members who are very active in the Association and an additional 100 individuals who enjoy playing when possible.

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